Announcing a new book: Episerver Commerce: A problem – solution approach

More than one year ago, I announced that I was working on a book – a first Episerver Commerce book ever. It has been a work in progress until recently – and I am still adding updates here and there. The book has received quite positive feedback (I’m happy to say that everyone is nice enough to not tell me “Your book sucks”. Thanks, everyone). Am I happy with it? Yes, of course, proud even.

But to be completely honest,

I know something was missing.

Pro Episerver Commerce aims to give a complete, systematic knowledge of the framework, so I limited the  “sample code” to minimal, my intention was if the readers have a more comprehensive understanding of the framework, they can easily write any changes they want. However, I can see that many developers new to Episerver Commerce need a more approachable way, “just get the job done”. And I want to have some nice, “creative” ways of getting things done, which are outside of what the framework provides.

That motivates me to start working on my second book: Episerver Commerce: A problem – solution approach.

Yes, this looks like a cook book – because it is. With the ingredients given by the framework (APIs, database schema), we will go through recipes to make (good) Episerver Commerce solutions.

The book is, of course, in progress. I planned 35-40 recipes, and it’ll be smaller than the first one, at 150-200 pages, and therefore, cheaper. You can buy the book at $19.99, or at the recommended price $34.99 (excluded VAT).

I’m working hard to fill in content. So if you have any feedback about the book content, or suggestions about recipes I should write about, you’re more than welcome to let me know! I expect the book to complete before Easter, and I mean it.

I still recommend to read Pro Episerver Commerce if your daily job involves Commerce. Pro Episerver Commerce will be updated to phase out the old, obsoleted parts. Some of the samples in Pro Episerver Commerce will be moved to the new book where they make more senses. The content will be updated until Commerce 12 (it’s pretty much updated to latest version of Commerce 11), so don’t worry about being obsolete.

Now the treat

Every buyer of Pro Episerver Commerce already received a coupon of 40% discount to buy Episerver Commerce: A problem – solution approach. So please make sure to check your mail. (I made a calculation error and two first buyers of the book had to buy at price $13.99, instead of $11.99, sorry about that)

If you haven’t bought the first book, it might be a good time to buy the bundle (and again, at a discount)

Happy new year, and happy Episerver Commerce development!


This book is my personal project and is done by my own time. I get the support from my boss and my colleagues, but Episerver neither officially requests nor pays me for writing it. The opinions in the book are mine only, it does not represent my employer’s views about Episerver Commerce in particular or Episerver products/services in general.


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