I was with the EMVPs, and that was a fantastic experience

If there is anything I regret being an Episerver employee, is that I can’t be an EMVP – the gang of awesome Episerver developers which their contributions are widely recognized by the community (I don’t consider myself to be “awesome”, but I try (to be)). The EMVPs can be seen as the evangelists of Episerver frameworks and technologies, they spread their wisdom, experience and best practices to help developers build better solutions, and they give valuable feedback to us to build better frameworks.

EMVP Summit is one of special treat Episerver gives to EMVPs, as a recognition for their contributions, and also a chance – directly than ever – for Episerver to listen to the feedback from their distinguish developers. As a software engineer in Commerce development team, I was sent to team up, to talk, to discuss and to socialize with the EMVP (after winning a small competition with my two teammates, and getting a grant from my wife 🙂 ).

There were about 20 EMVPs joined the Summit, along with 7-8 employees from Episerver (developers and managers), in a mansion located 80km south-west of Stockholm. Together we discussed the status and the plan of Episerver products, share our experiences on great new things, and enjoyed some exciting activities.

This is not the main mansion – the main one is bigger and is probably more beautiful. But this was where I (and some other guys) stayed
This is me, with a gang of awesomeness. Allan is holding the most advanced selfie stick
Conferences, with sofas. Cozy, huh?
Time for some activities: If you think you’re good enough, try driving off road with the snow-covered roads. Some said the driving license in Sweden is the most difficult in the world. True?
And the some shooting. Albeit the snowy weather – this one is hot. It’s me posing with the gun after the match. I was – with great luck – the “best” shooter of the day. My first time, btw
And then we cooked the dinner together – it was great fun!
This might not the best for your health (Steak tartare), but it was extremely tasty and was a great appetizer.
One of my souvenirs – luckily I got this one, event it’s EMVP exclusive 😉

I was a bit hesitant about joining the Summit – but in the end it turned out to be awesome – it was a chance to meet great people, and have great fun. I’d jump into the chance of EMVP Summit next year (but I will probably have to give ways to my teammates, who are also interested to join)

If you are an Episerver developer, and if you have something to share – tips, tricks, lesson learned, best practices, share it. If you know the answer to a question on World forum, answer it! Contribute to make a better community for us, and eventually make you an EMVP. Meet you there in the upcoming events!

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