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    I was with the EMVPs, and that was a fantastic experience

    If there is anything I regret being an Episerver employee, is that I can’t be an EMVP – the gang of awesome Episerver developers which their contributions are widely recognized by the community (I don’t consider myself to be “awesome”, but I try (to be)). The EMVPs can be seen as the evangelists of Episerver frameworks and technologies, they spread their wisdom, experience and best practices to help developers build better solutions, and they give valuable feedback to us to build better frameworks. EMVP Summit is one of special treat Episerver gives to EMVPs, as a recognition for their contributions, and also a chance – directly than ever – for…

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    Debug .NET memory dump with WinDBG – crash course. Part 1

    If you ask me what had I been doing the last two weeks – then the answer is I was pulling my hairs.  A customer had a problem with their site as the memory hiked up after catalog imports and stayed there “forever” – and in the end it slowed the site down. I jumped in and almost regretted that decision – had to spent days  messing around with WinDBG and memory dumps. In the end – I found the problem and it was fixed. A lot of hairs were loss in progress, but I learned something about WinDBG – and that’s what I’m sharing today. WinDBG is probably the most famous…

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    Why (and when) should you contact Episerver developer support service.

    Today I filed a bug, which I should have filed almost one year ago. I saw it several times, I even had solution for it, but I didn’t think/know it was a bug. It was reported here: http://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/Problems-and-bugs/Thread-Container/2016/9/commerce-catalog-randomly-goes-empty-until-website-restart/  and here http://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/Episerver-Commerce/Thread-Container/2016/6/addstaticattributepropertyvalues-object-reference-exception/ I’ve always wanted to say Episerver products are perfect frameworks and have no bugs at all. But that’s not true. Despite of having very talented developers and dedicated QAs, and a very high requirement for quality (“Quality is non-negotiable”), we still miss to catch some (very few) bugs.

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    Episerver Commerce CustomerContact Events

    This post was inspired by this question: http://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/Episerver-Commerce/Thread-Container/2016/9/commerce-manager-contacts-events/ and is an excerpt from my book: https://leanpub.com/proepiservercommerce You might notice the lacking of events in some parts of the system. We have events for catalog system, for order system, for prices and inventories changes, but that’s not enough. You might want to have events – or at least – the ability to know when something happens. For example, when a customer contact is changed, or edited, or deleted, it would be very nice to do some extra actions. Sending emails, updating external systems, etc. Such events are not available out-of-box, so we have to implement our own. How? We don’t have ICustomerContactService (or something similiar) interface where…

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    The hidden danger of dot (Or why should your metafield not contain . in the name)

    A dot (.) – it is harmless. What harm can it do, it looks pretty innocent. And yet it can break your Catalog UI. Catalog UI relies on the Shell UI from CMS to render properties and such. Shell UI, in its hands, needs to know about the metadata of the properties. When you have dot in the metafield names, the MetaDataPropertyMapper will create an Property with that name on site start up. And then when you open All properties mode, Shell UI will request your content type models, and CMS Core will happily return those properties.

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    How to check if a coupon was successfully applied

    When a customer add a coupon to his/her cart, it’s nice and best practice to show to him/her if the coupon has been applied successfully, or if it was an invalid/not applicable code. How can you do that? In old promotion system When old promotion system run, each successfully applied promotion will be presented by an instance of Discount, which has a property named DiscountCode – this is the coupon used for the promotion (it can of course be null if the promotion requires no coupon).

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    Why did I leave HBO (Nordics). Spoiler: it sucks!

    As most of us, I spend a fair chunk amount of my free time to watch movies and TV series, and as most of us, on Netflix. While Netflix has some very good content, and they have been adding great original TV series (House of Cards, Daredevil, Stranger Things, Narcos, just to name a few), those have not been enough for me. I want to watch Games of Throne, The Wire, The Sopranos, Silicon Valley etc, but sadly, they are pretty HBO-exclusive, so to watch them, I have two options: either buy the discs (Very expensive), or subscribe to HBO (much cheaper). Fine, I decided to suspend my Netflix for a…

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    Fixing Visual Studio 2015 after update 3

    In case you did not notice, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 a couple of days ago. I immediately jumped in because I have high hope for better stability – VS2015 update 2 has been crashing more open than I would like. When I updated my VS on my work computer, all went well and it worked right after that without any problem. However when I finally updated my VS on my home computer, problem appears. Everytime I try to open a solution, it crashes! Rendering my VS2015 totally useless. It’s not a problem I can ignore, and I would avoid reinstall it, unless it’s the last resort. Digging in…

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    The best trailers of E3 2016

    E3 is undoubtedly the biggest gaming event of the year – where companies show off their best games and hardware for the next year. And as other gamers, I pay my close attention to this event, waiting to see what will be my next game. It’s worth noting that I am highly selective – I only play 3-4 games a year, max, so I need to decide carefully what to play and what to skip. But it won’t hurt to watch the trailers, right Titanfall 2, EA Titanfall was a great game. It might not be a legendary game, but it was fun. It’s unsurprising EA and Respawn game were going…

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    Things I wish I knew before playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    The game was released 1 year ago – still – it’s a masterpiece to be played. If you’ve never played it, play it now – it’s easily one of the best games in years, if not decades. The storyline with twists will keep you thinking in a while (no decision is clearly better or worse, and your choices will definitely make impacts on the ending), while the graphic is still one of best in any games, and the gameplay will keep you excited. If you played it – it’s now time to replay it, with new expansions, Heart of Stones and Blood and Wine. They are some of best expansions…