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    How Episerver Catalog content versions work

    This is an excerpt from my book – Pro Episerver Commerce. Use http://leanpub.com/proepiservercommerce/c/Easter2016 to get 20% off the book during Easter holiday (Mar 24th – Mar 28th) One of the most important features in CatalogContentProvider is it bring versioning to catalog content. It was somewhat limited with Commerce 7.5 (the languages handling was a bit sloppy), but it has been much more mature since Commerce 9. The versioning system in Commerce 9 is now more or less on par with versioning in CMS, and it’s a good thing. If you’re new to Episerver CMS/Commerce, then it might be useful to know how version and save action work in content system. Of…

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    Lessons learned from running a blog

    Expect yourself to do many things, if not everything. You’ll be an administrator, a developer and a writer, all at the same time. This blog is the first time I install WordPress, first time I install and configure Apache, first time I configure CNAME or so, first time I use Google Adsense. It was not smooth all the way, but it’s not that hard and it’s really rewarding when I got it works. One after one. I failed sometimes, like when I tried to make WordPress runs on PHP7 (I’m not a PHP developer after, so I run away when the problem gets out of hand), but for most parts, I…

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    Episerver Commerce routing internals, part 2

    This post is a second post after https://vimvq1987.com/2016/03/episerver-commerce-routing-internals-part-1/ . The third part in the series can be found here: https://vimvq1987.com/2016/03/redirecting-your-product-urls-in-episerver-commerce/. (I know, I should have published the post in the right order.) They are all excerpts from my book – Pro Episerver Commerce. The hierarchical approach: This “new” approach (today it’s not new anymore, perhaps we can call it newer?) was introduced  in Commerce 7.5 to make the routing of Catalog contents inline with CMS content. The core concept of this approach is to reflect the structure of contents to the structure of the Uri, for the discoverability. With SEO Uri approach, customers will never know how to get to the parent node,…

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    The free courses of computer science and programming

    One of the most wonderful impacts of Internet is it makes many knowledge freely available. You can still attend the courses from the best universities in the World, without having to spend a bunch of money to get into US. You can now access the precious contents from the other half of the world. Of course, it’s still far from effective as when you come to classes, having friends and assignments, for real, but it’s undeniably a huge benefit. The knowledge is yours! Introductory courses: MIT 6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-computer-science-mitx-6-00-1x-6 MIT 6.00.2x: Introduction to Computational Thinking Data Science https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-computational-thinking-data-mitx-6-00-2x-3 MIT 6.00: Introduction to Computer Science…

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    The best tools for software development

    Development can be hard – as developers we want to spend time to write code to solve problems. Luckily, we have tools to solve our problems – so we can save the precious brain power for the coding, and let them handle everything else. These tools are used by me on Windows, but most of they are available on multi-platforms. Everything Platform(s): Windows Seriously, it’s a tool to search for everything, by name: It’s incredibly helpful when you want to jump to check something outside of your solution, but you don’t know exactly where is it located. Save me 5 seconds for every file and I use it, like, (at…

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    Episerver Commerce routing internals, part 1

    Routing is important for any sites, and it’s even more important for a Commerce site – it can help driven sales. People nowadays search for everything, and ranking higher in the search results yield much better chance of your products being purchased. There are two routing systems in Episerver Commerce (as always!). The old one is based on SEO URI, has been there since Commerce R1, and the new one, HierarchicalCatalogPartialRouter, which is a partial router, was introduced in Commerce 7.5. The SEO Uri approach This approach is based on the SEO Uri, so the link to your product will be in form of http:///yourproduct.aspx. Note that .aspx is the default, but you are free…

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    Redirect your product URL:s in Episerver Commerce

    Why redirect? A very good thing about Episerver Commerce is that even you enabled the partial routing system, the old SEO Uri:s will continue to work (of course, as long as you keep the Uri:s unchanged). So they can coexist in same website – but that might not what you want – you might want to stick with only one routing system – it’s been told that the more popular your URL is, the higher rank it gets in the search engine results. From hierarchial URL to SEO URL: This one is pretty easy, just call this during your site’s initialization, the true parameter means you want to enable Outgoing…

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    Episerver Commerce 2015 – year in review

    While I'm proud of how great Commerce were in 2014, there are still areas where we need to improve. One of those is performance. We paid attentions to important parts of the system, where customers demand the most. And the results were, quite impressive. From 8.11 to 8.15, many profiling and improvements had been done, and the results are quite expensive: loading cart performance increased with a fold of 4, loading Entry with CatalogEntryResponseGroup.Full performance increased with a fold of 3, etc.