Speed up your catalog indexing performance – part 2

Almost two years ago I wrote part 1 here: https://vimvq1987.com/speed-catalog-entries-indexing/ on how to speed up your catalog indexing performance. If you have a fairly big catalog with frequent changes, it might take longer time than necessary to build the index incrementally. (Rebuild index, in other hands, just delete everything and rebuild from scratch, so it is not affected by the long queue in ApplicationLog). I have seen some cases where rebuilding the entire index, is actually faster than waiting for it to build incrementally.

The tip in previous blog post should work very well if you are using anything lower than Commerce 11.6, but that is no longer the case!

From Commerce 11.6, a new index queue system has been introduced. The most important part of this queue is that the time to get items from the queue is fairly constant (well, if you have very big number of items in queue, it will inevitably slower, but not by much). It no longer matters how big your catalogs are, nor how big your queue is, it will just work.

If you are running on an older version, and if you are having trouble with the building index incrementally, it’s probably time to upgrade. 11.6 is minimum, but when you are at it, why not to 12.9 instead?

Moral of this story:

  • We work hard to optimize performance, so you don’t have to.
  • Keeping up to date is the cheapest way (it’s not free, but it cheap) to have performance boost.

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