Green coffee bean suppliers in EU

Why the criteria

FOB Price: one of the important aspect of specialty coffee is fair trade – farmers produce high quality coffee, and they should get fair price for what they harvest. FOB Price is basically what the importer (in many cases, the supplier themselves) pays for the coffee. It’s a great deal of transparency. And while it’s not required, I would be happy to know what the farmers are getting.

Cupping score: Coffee that is rated as specialty has to at least 80 cupping score by SCA (it’s not the only criteria, but an important one). If you are paying 200/20 EUR or more per kg for green coffee beans, you should know what you get. While a higher cupping score is not necessarily more expensive, it depends a lot on the supply-demand balance, but I’d be happier to pay more money for higher cupping score.

Year of harvest: Green coffee beans have much longer shelf life than roasted coffee ones. While for roasted, you should finish your bag within 2 months (and some purists might say just 1 month), green beans can be keep for 12 months in proper storage conditions, if not more. But they do not last forever, the fresher the beans = the better, which is why it’s important for the supplier to disclose the year of harvest (or even, month of harvest)

Suppliers in Sweden

I started with Whileelkcoffee and Rawcoffee. Too early to tell about the bean’s quality, but I must say I really like Whiteelkcoffee’s packaging. They are a branch/subsidiary of Kafferosteriet Koppar AB, which has some great coffees.

It is told that almost any roasters will sell your raw coffee if you ask nicely, so you probably ask your favorite roaster if they have green beans to sell. The commonly accepted “rule” is green coffee is 1/2 price of roasted ones, so you might offer that to the roasters.

I would recommend to buy from suppliers that focus on coffee beans – they usually know more about their stuffs – than the suppliers that sell general groceries. But you can always try your luck, maybe there is a hidden gem somewhere.

SiteUrlFree shipping thresholdBag sizeFOB priceCupping ScoreYear of HarvestNote
White elk coffeeButik: Råkaffe – White Elk Coffee350kr1, 10kgNoNoNo10% for order over 1000kr
Raw coffeeKaffebönor – RawCoffee350kr1kgNoYesYes10% coupon code for next order
Drop coffeeBuy Coffee – scroll down to buy your coffee – Drop Coffee300kr1kgYesNot specific, 86+YesSelect unroasted coffee from drop downlist
Muttley & Jack’sUrsprungskaffe – Muttley & Jack’s ( free shipping, 69kr regardless of order value1kgNoYesNo
BaristashoppenRÅKAFFE – ROSTA SJÄLV – Baristashopen350kr250gr, 1kgNoNoNo
MoccazinoHuvudkategori 3 ( free shipping, min 229kr, shipping cost increased with weight0,75kgNoNoYes
Humle gårdenGreen coffee for those who roast their own coffee – Humlegårdens EkolagerNo free shipping, 99kr shipping, increased with weight500grNoNoYesReduced price for 10 bags

Suppliers outside Sweden

Of course I would prefer buying from Sweden for obvious reasons. But I can’t resist the urge to try some exotic beans, so I have been looking around to see where I can source my green beans from EU.

This is inspired by EU Green Coffee Sources List 2023 (, but with more information you can find in one place. Sadly many of them are are not shipping to Sweden, but you probably can arrange some shipping if you ask nicely.

SiteUrlCountryShip to SwedenShipping costFOB priceCupping scoreBag sizesYear of harvest
fleurdecafeUnroasted coffee beans – Green coffee beans | Fleur de café (
groenekoffiewinkelUnroasted Coffee Beans | Up To 15% Discount At Green Coffee Shop (
fascino-coffeeGreen Coffee Beans | Coffee roasting company Fascino (
godincoffeeUnroasted coffee beans – Green coffee beans | Fleur de café (
roastrebelsBuy green coffee in small quantities (1kg / 5kg / 15kg) | Roast RebelsGermany/SwizerlandYes9.9EUR, free if order value is 120EUR or moreNoNo1, 5, 15kgYes
rohebohnenGreen Coffee | Rohebohnen.deGermanyYes13.9EURNoNo500gr, 1kgNo
hoofdkwartierUnroasted Coffee Beans Archives – Headquarters Coffee Roasting (
ShokuninGreen coffee – ShokuninNetherlandsYes22 EUR, free if order value is 200 EUR or moreNoNo
RoestartRohkaffee ( EURNoNo500gr, 1kgNo
goodkarmacoffeeRohkaffee – Good Karma CoffeeGermanyNo
docklandsRohkaffee kaufen und selber rösten (,5 and 10kgYes
rjavitukanSurova kava Archives – Rjavi tukanSlovakiaYes21.9EURNoNo1,3,5, and 10kgNo
koffiebranderijdekoepoortGROENE ONGEBRANDE KOFFIEBONEN – Koffiebranderij de KoepoortNetherlandsYesFlat rate 24.5 EURNoNo1kgNo
Falcon-microShop Europe – Falcon Micro ( (EU warehouse)Yes246kr for minimum 5kg, increased with weightNoYes5 and 10kgNo
88 grainsShop | 88 GrainesFranceYes6.9EUR minimum, increased with weight, free for 300 EUR+NoYes1kgYes (Month/year)
kaffeboxKaffeabonnement med Skandinavias topp mikrobrennerier – KaffeBox.noNorwayYesMinimum 62.5NOK, increased with weightNoNo250grNo
risterietGrønne/Rå kaffebønner – WebshopDenmarkYesNo, 350DKKNoNo1kg, 5kgNo