I got this question before – and now I bought one, I hope I can help you choosing the right washing machine.

You might have read other answers on the Internet – and yes most of them are saying a 1200 rpm washing machine is as good as a 1600 rpm one, in term of the dryness of the clothes.


That might be true with synthetic clothes – which are the easiest ones to dry. But for cotton, it’s a big different. I tried same clothes with both 1400 rpm and 1600 rpm and my clothes are noticeable drier when it comes out of 1600 rpm mode. 1200 rpm, of course, is not even close.

That means the time you need to dry it, as well as the consumption of the dryer, will be less.

And to endure 1600 rpm spinning speed, the washing machine must be sturdier and more balanced. In other words, it must be built better – so you can expect it to last longer. You can see that in same series, the higher model which supports 1600 rpm is always heavier than the lower end models. Yes – it’s to support the faster rotation.

So if you have cotton clothes, and if you can afford it, I would suggest to go to 1600 rpm one.


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