Git: In easy steps – Another book project

Git: In easy steps cover
Git: In easy steps cover

Well, I might start a living based on writing. If my books sell good enough. Yes, it’ll be available on Leanpub and you can register now to get a notification:

In this Easter I decided to start a new book project, based on what I’ve been doing daily: Git in easy steps.

Who is this book for?

This book explains Git concepts in a simple way, with examples in Git Extensions – the Git client to beat. It will walk through the flow and see what should we do, and why. Needless to say, it’s a beginner book. If you are already a Git expert, look else. (Of course you are still welcome to buy this book, well, you know, to complete your collection).

Pricing and plan

This book will be small, short and sweet – nothing like Git itself. It’ll be likely to have 100 pages, and will be completed soon (May be not soon enough, but close). And yes, it’ll be cheap – who would buy a small expensive book? I haven’t decided on the price, but I’m thinking about 7.5$ minimum and 10$ recommended. Or perhaps give it away for free? I don’t know, when I make it to 50% complete, I’ll decide how much I should charge for my effort. I will also think about putting it on Gumroad once it’s done.

What’s about Pro Episerver Commerce

Pro Episerver Commerce is still my flagship book. And I have readers whom I sworn to make them happy (or at least do not let them disappointed). This book is an Easter self-refresh, I expect to write it in a couple of days (only). I’ll come back to write Pro Episerver Commerce soon enough. I’m still on track for draft-complete in May and finishing in August.


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