The best trailers of E3 2016

E3 is undoubtedly the biggest gaming event of the year – where companies show off their best games and hardware for the next year. And as other gamers, I pay my close attention to this event, waiting to see what will be my next game. It’s worth noting that I am highly selective – I only play 3-4 games a year, max, so I need to decide carefully what to play and what to skip. But it won’t hurt to watch the trailers, right

Titanfall 2, EA

Titanfall was a great game. It might not be a legendary game, but it was fun. It’s unsurprising EA and Respawn game were¬†going to make¬†Titanfall 2, but I’m surprised that they added a “Single player mode”. After a wave of multiplayer-only games, such as The Division and Overwatch, it’s a good sign for the coming back of Single player. Let’s hope the story will be good enough to get you into multiplayer mode:

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