The best trailers of E3 2016

E3 is undoubtedly the biggest gaming event of the year – where companies show off their best games and hardware for the next year. And as other gamers, I pay my close attention to this event, waiting to see what will be my next game. It’s worth noting that I am highly selective – I only play 3-4 games a year, max, so I need to decide carefully what to play and what to skip. But it won’t hurt to watch the trailers, right

Titanfall 2, EA

Titanfall was a great game. It might not be a legendary game, but it was fun. It’s unsurprising EA and Respawn game were going to make Titanfall 2, but I’m surprised that they added a “Single player mode”. After a wave of multiplayer-only games, such as The Division and Overwatch, it’s a good sign for the coming back of Single player. Let’s hope the story will be good enough to get you into multiplayer mode:

And of course, a multiplayer trailer is also available. Still mech fighting, still “walking on the wall”, now we have hook! The visual is pretty stunning while the actions are high-pace and look fun. Definitely worth a try.

Battlefield 1, EA

When EA and DICE revealed Battefield 1 a month ago, it was breaking the internet. FPS games, for many years, have been a battle between two giant: Activision with Call of Duty and EA with Battefield. After success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Activision might have had a lead – actually their series have been one of, if not the most successful series in gaming industry. Modern Warfare 2 and 3 actually broke records of the revenue for any kind of entertainment (Games, movies, etc.) when they released . But the annual releases with very little innovations of Call of Duty have been wearing off gamers’ interests. They need some thing new, something fresh. And then trailer of Battefield 1 came out.

It awed a lot of people for the jaw dropping visual, and the strikingly refresh gameplay. Will Battefield 1 win the battle? It’s hard to tell, but it really looks promising, especially with this new trailer:

Dishonored 2, Bethesda

Dishonored, released in 2012, was a success, both in critical and commercial terms, so a sequel was almost guaranteed. Dishonored 2 was revealed a while back, and now we have a new gameplay trailer. Enjoy!

God of wars 4, Sony

God of wars – Kratos, has been the icon of Sony PlayStation for decades. And to anyone’s surprises, this E3, Sony revealed a new game for PS4. This trailer has been the most watched one in this E3 – and you should watch it, it’s pretty awesome. It undoubtedly made the fans of the series crazy, and even make gamers who did not play previous games, excited. Nice job, Sony.

Most disappointed trailers

Mass Effect Andromeda, EA

I played every game in Mass Effect series, twice. Needless to say I’m a fan of it. This is not really a cinematic or gameplay trailer, but more of a “behind-the-scene” trailer. Things look really, really great – you can clearly see the dirt on the armor of supposedly protagonist , but it still get me worried. At least a little. The game was set to release in this holiday season, but it was delayed until spring 2017. Fine, although I’m eager to play it, I don’t want Bioware, my trusted studio, to rush it. As long as they make the story and gameplay worth the wait, I’ll not complain. However, we’re yet to see true gameplay trailer from this highly anticipated game and it’s rather not a good sign. I really hope they are not struggling with it.

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