World forums support vote up/down now, and what does that mean for you

I really wanted to post this in the official blog, however we don’t have a “World” blog, and this does not really fit into “Commerce blog” which we (Commerce development team) usually use for official announcements, so I have to use my personal blog instead.

If you haven’t noticed, then you can now vote up, or down a post in World forum. Thanks to the hard work of my colleagues in World development team, that feature went on live today! (Of which I’m very excited)

If you have been using StackOverflow (as as developer, you likely have), then you know the meaning of voting up and down. The idea is the same here, there are differences in the detail implementations, such as the amount of points given (or taken) from a vote up (down), but basically:

  • When you see a helpful post, or a post that clearly shows the poster has been putting time and effort into researching the problem, and trying out solutions, please upvote. (If you are the original poster, please make sure to come back and mark the answer which helped you as accepted)
  • When you see a vague question which is almost impossible to answer without additional information, please go ahead and downvote. Currently a down vote will not subtract point from the poster, it’s more of a reminder to improve the post quality.

Episerver is committed to the community, and personally, as a mod, I’m committed to improve the post quality. Having the option to give a thumb up, or a thumb down to a vote, is a big step forward. We now have more power to praise and uphold the quality.

Let’s together make World an even better place, by developers, for developers!

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