The beauty of new promotion system

This is going to be a relatively short post. If you are using Episerver Commerce 9, you probably know that we are working on a new promotion system. It’s still BETA, but some of our customers already use it, and from what I heard they are really happy with it.

One of the reasons we create a new promotion system is the old one is not developer-friendly. Have you ever tried to create a promotion in old system, by code?

This is an “simple” example of how to create a new campaign and a couple of promotions:

Sorry if I bored you – and yes, you might recognize this is from QuickSilver – it’ll create 3 default promotions. Note that this is not the entirely thing, you still need to include the three expression files. For example, 25_Percent_off_Mens_Shoes.xml, which is only 170 lines long. I decided to not include it here, for your convenience.

I can’t simply write this code. I will just copy it somewhere and try to make it work. In most of the cases, it’s harmless to copy and paste, but you won’t know the day when it hurts you!

Here comes dragon

And today I tried to convert these to new promotion system. Here’s what I get:

Of course no extra files or such.

I will leave the conclusion to you, but in my opinion, now you can create this kind of promotion with your eyes shut:

Next promotion type
Next promotion! Beers for everyone

You’re excited? I’m too! Credits to my teammates who have been working hard to make this happens. Stay tuned – the new promotion system will be officially released (aka out of BETA) very soon.

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