May I trust your site?

If your site has exceeding ads all over places, or you ask me to disable my ad-blocker, then no.

If your site ask me to subscribe to your newsletter after 5 seconds, even before I read your post’s title, then no.

If your site has auto-play videos that continue to play even if I scrolled down, then no.

If your site has no comment section, then no.

If you don’t moderate your comment section and it’s full of spam, then no.

If your site open pops up, then no.

If you site doesn’t have HTTPS, then that might raise suspects. (Yes you should look up in the address, this site is not HTTPS-enabled, and that’s entirely my fault, but I would never ask for your information more than a name and an email address (you don’t have to give a real one)). I know, I should have spent time to enable HTTPS on this site, I’m just too busy writing content (another way to say I’m lazy).  (I added HTTPS now, isn’t it nice?)



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