Super charged Episerver Commerce performance

Well, that was the title of my talk at the last week Meetup in Lund – hosted by Avensia. My first time in Lund – it is a very beautiful (small) city. It was a very nice event with about thirty developers from inside and outside Avensia, and I hope I did give some good information to make your Commerce solutions faster!

Then it comes to my attention that some of you might be interested in the talk. Unfortunately I don’t think the talk was recorded (I’d have been famous on Youtube!), but here’s the slides from the talk:

If you have been following my blogposts closely, I must say that this does not any thing new, content-wise. All of the suggestions, tips, and tricks, are already in my posts. I just added some nice graphs (not that nice, given my Powerpoint skills), and some self-made quotes that make them more convincing. If you want to know more about details, contains, why it’s faster, go read my blog!

And so you know, this will be my “backup” talk if I am invited to some other Meetups and I can’t find a more interesting topic to talk about (interesting topics are not easy to find, especially if you know that I don’t do implementations, and my daily work has nothing fancy to look at, just Visual Studio (mostly), Visual Studio Code, Git, sometimes WinDbg and SQL Server Management Studio – to be honest I’m that “boring developer”). Don’t worry, I’ll update this constantly, and I still have some tricks up to my sleeve (actually I had to cut them off from the talk because of the time constraints), so the next time you listen to me about Episerver Commerce optimizations, I promise I’ll have something new (well, you might already know that, and that’s great).

Happy optimizing, and see you next time!


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