Why do games need more Elena (Fisher)

Elena’s a strong, independent woman, with her own motivations and thoughts. She’s indeed attractive (very attractive if you think about Uncharted 4), but in terms of being healthy and fit, not being overly sexy as a “fan service” (Japanese games, I’m looking at you)


She’s not some female characters who are over-confident, and/or over-powered, to the point they don’t even need men. She does not work alone. She works with Nathan Drake to overcome the odds.

Don’t get me wrong. Men need women as much as women need men. Together we are a team – and I think that’s what the world needs to be. Gender equality is not about feminism – when the feminists talk about “We don’t need men” or such.¬†Gender equality is about a person is being treated and respected regardless of their gender.

Gaming world needs more Elena Fisher. Not only because she’s a good damn character (both in terms of technical – look at the picture above, your game characters can’t get any better than that, and personality), but also, she is a great example of how a woman should be: strong, independent, yet not too strong and independent.

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